Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long time no blog,

Fo' Reaaaaal.

I've been wanting to come back for a while, but just wanted to make sure that I would be back for good & not a here and there post. A lot has been going on here lately, and I mean a lot. lol

Girls are growing like crazy, Emma is now 22 months & Kaelan is almost 6 months.

A lot has went on lately, I had a job, but it was a little too ghetto for this white girl. Phone got stolen, got another. Back glass got busted out, got it fixed. Dropped the new phone in the toilet, fml. My aunt & uncle (that are basically like my parents) are divorcing.

On the plus side, my husband finally found a decent job, after being laid off for almost a year, at Freight liner. (can you hear the hallelujah chorus?) So we are starting to get our life back together.

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