Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whats goin' onnnn?

This week month has been so hectic. I've been trying to get my life together to make a one day trip to WV for my cousins baby shower. I'm leaving Friday afternoon, coming back Saturday night. DH volunteered to watch the children on Saturday and I just couldn't say no.

He is going to drop the girls off at his step-moms on his way to work Friday so I can leave earlier than what was originally planed (1 am Saturday morning).. I should be back around Saturday night. Little break, can't complain, lol. PLUS, my best friend, Brittany gets to go with me. (Thank God for baby sitters, lol)

So, I have just been trying to pull this house together for the past month, haven't had much luck. This is my schedule for the next 3 days...

(the rest of) Wednesday - Keep everything picked up, Laundry.
Thursday - vacuum, sweep, mop, pick up. Get the girls clothes/food/snacks, etc together.
Friday- Get up, get the girls fed, send them on their way by 1:30.
   2pm: Shower, get ready, finish packing, load the car.
   3pm: Brittanys arrival. do all the last minute things..
                be out of here by 3:30 - 4.
  Then, I have to meet up with my dad, spend some time with him. Danielle (my bf from wv) gets off work at 7. Go out to eat with Danielle, Kayla, Amanda (all friends from WV) & Brit.... Then head to my final destination.

Sounds like a plan.

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