Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whats goin' onnnn?

This week month has been so hectic. I've been trying to get my life together to make a one day trip to WV for my cousins baby shower. I'm leaving Friday afternoon, coming back Saturday night. DH volunteered to watch the children on Saturday and I just couldn't say no.

He is going to drop the girls off at his step-moms on his way to work Friday so I can leave earlier than what was originally planed (1 am Saturday morning).. I should be back around Saturday night. Little break, can't complain, lol. PLUS, my best friend, Brittany gets to go with me. (Thank God for baby sitters, lol)

So, I have just been trying to pull this house together for the past month, haven't had much luck. This is my schedule for the next 3 days...

(the rest of) Wednesday - Keep everything picked up, Laundry.
Thursday - vacuum, sweep, mop, pick up. Get the girls clothes/food/snacks, etc together.
Friday- Get up, get the girls fed, send them on their way by 1:30.
   2pm: Shower, get ready, finish packing, load the car.
   3pm: Brittanys arrival. do all the last minute things..
                be out of here by 3:30 - 4.
  Then, I have to meet up with my dad, spend some time with him. Danielle (my bf from wv) gets off work at 7. Go out to eat with Danielle, Kayla, Amanda (all friends from WV) & Brit.... Then head to my final destination.

Sounds like a plan.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cleaning day.

Yep, you read right. Today is the day that I'm getting off my lazy bum, and making this place look a lot less like a frat-pad. lol

My husband started 2nd shift at work today.. After a while of being laid-off, this place is a wreck. I wont clean clean when he's home, I'm working on that tho.

I plan on cleaning every room today and organizing some tonight.. I might just post before & after pictures, who knows. We are in the process of giving our living room furniture away and getting new. So far we've only got the love seat out... So, all we have now is a couch. Since we rarely us the dining room (unless crafts for emma) I'm gonna bring two of the chairs out into the living room to substitute... I'm sure I can make it work.

Jordan wont be home until around 1 am tonight, so be prepared for another blog post. I'm hoping to be done by around 6... We will see.

Happy cleaning!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Need Ideas,

I need some help, and can't seem to find anyone who could give me the advice.

Getting my daughters on a schedule, for sleeping & such.
Getting my 22 month old to sleep in her room, by her self.
Getting myself on a cleaning schedule.

I want so badly to have a daily routine for everything. My house is always a wreck, no matter how much I clean. My kids want to stay up til 4 in the morning. I have no "me" time (which ALL mothers love to have). My house-hold is so dis-functional and un-organized that I'm constantly in a bad mood. I cannot get motivation to do anything! Because of this, I am constantly in bitch mode, and its killing my marriage. I can't sleep for the list of things that need to be done running through my head.

Please, fellow moms, help a sister out.

Long time no blog,

Fo' Reaaaaal.

I've been wanting to come back for a while, but just wanted to make sure that I would be back for good & not a here and there post. A lot has been going on here lately, and I mean a lot. lol

Girls are growing like crazy, Emma is now 22 months & Kaelan is almost 6 months.

A lot has went on lately, I had a job, but it was a little too ghetto for this white girl. Phone got stolen, got another. Back glass got busted out, got it fixed. Dropped the new phone in the toilet, fml. My aunt & uncle (that are basically like my parents) are divorcing.

On the plus side, my husband finally found a decent job, after being laid off for almost a year, at Freight liner. (can you hear the hallelujah chorus?) So we are starting to get our life back together.