Monday, February 13, 2012

Its been a while.

Hello, Hello, anyone out there? For realz

How the hell has everyone been? Its seriously been a while. But, I promise, I've got great excuses! lol.

Computer situation...
There for a while I was computer-less, because my laptop crashed :/. Then, my ex-step-mother-in-law let us use her old desktop, and guess what? Somehow she had it set up with an encryption on google, so any google sites, I could not use. I did have an android, but have you ever tried to blog from your cell phone? Not fun.
For christmas DH got me an iPad, but that was difficult to blog on as well, imo. But, now I have no worries, because I bought myself a iMac :D!!! I love it sooo much. AND, a new camera, so now I don't have an excuse for not blogging, or posting pictures on my blog....

Whats been going on in my life?
Jordan finally got a job in August (after being laid off for almost a year), the only bad thing to it was her had to drive an 1hr 30 minutes one way to get there. So, on December 9th (one of the happiest days in my life besides the birth of my kids) we moved! It is another apartment, but I like it a lot better because of the location & it is a townhouse, so it feels more like a home.
Then, of course there is Christmas, then New Years.. and guess what is next? Kaelans birthday! Thats right, my baby turned 1 on Feb. 9th (this past friday). Such a bittersweet day!

I promise, I've been planning (for a while) to get back to blogging, but everything has just been so hectic! Hope there are still people out there reading! I'm back, for good (hopefully).

^ Kaelan after her cake!

 ^Emma & our new puppy, Bella.

^ Our new fur babies, Bella (3 mon. old Shihtzu) & Bo (8 wk old Beagle)

Much love,  from my home to yours. 
Talk to you guys soon!