Tuesday, May 17, 2011

People can tell, when you autobell.

Khloe, my niece and Emma, waiting at auto bell.

My SIL called today and told me that there was a Auto Bell GRAND OPENING about 20 minutes away from my house and they we're doing FREE CAR WASHES! Nothing excites a mom more than a FREE car wash. (or maybe I'm just weird and lazy) So, of course I jumped up, nappy head and all and drove 20 minutes to get my free car wash.

Welp, they had this sign before you pulled in that said "All unwanted trash, please throw in floor." I did. When I got back in my car, guess where all that trash was? In my seat. Are you serious, foo'? I just drove my nappy head 20 minutes down the road to get my free car wash, when there is an auto bell beside my apartment (it wouldn't have been free), for you to throw my trash in my seat?

My new life lessons on that;
1. Quit being so dang lazy and comb that nappy head before you get out in public.
     - Maybe that's why they didn't throw my trash away. They wanted to get me in and out of there asap, I must have been scaring them away.
2. Clean my own car, for free.
3. Never go to a free car wash. What should I expect? it was free.

Kaelan, being cute :)

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  1. Your kids are lovely:)

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